TreeGo Mactaquac

Person on zipline in forest
Activity Categories
Outdoor Adventure
Central York
Seasonal Info
Mid-April to October

Fun, freedom and personal reward are what TreeGo is all about. The aerial adventure courses offer a diverse and exciting experience within the comfort of knowing that you’re attached to continuous safety cables. TreeGo courses are designed for your pleasure in a unique outdoor environment. TreeGo’s self-managed courses for children, teens and adults allow you to move through a series of surprises and progressively challenging tree-to-tree activities. With multiple activities in a course, you decide how far and how fast to exerciseyour agility, endurance and confidence.

Child (ages 7-10): $23 / Group rate: $21

Children (Ages 7-11) must always be directly supervised by an adult. In order for children to be able to reach the safety lines and manage their passage through the course they must be able to reach the tips of their fingers to a height of 4’7 (140cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground.

Youth (11-17): $32 / Group rate: $29

Adult: $38 / Group rate: $34

Weight limit 265lbs

Late-May to mid-October.

Reservations are required and can be made on their website 

Address: 1439 Route 105 Hwy, Mactaquac, NB, E6L 1B5
Phone Number: