Discover Oromocto's Adventure Trails and Historic Sites

While visiting the Fredericton Capital Region, don’t miss the chance to explore some of the best waterfalls in central New Brunswick. A perfect adventure for the whole family, the Oromocto River Watershed is made up of adventure trails leading to waterfalls, covered bridges and historic sites.

Read on for some local tips on exploring Oromocto’s Adventure trails this summer!

Gateway Wetland Visitor Information and Interpretive Centre

The Gateway Wetland Visitor Information and Interpretive Centre at 26 Gateway Drive makes a great first stop for your adventure! Open to the public daily from 10am to 5pm(open 10:30 on Thursdays), the center provides a full overview of the sites to be seen, and offers maps for visitors to take on the trails!

Currie House Museum & Trails

45 minutes south of Fredericton sits Fredericton Junction's Currie House Museum. The buildings and grounds are heritage landmarks with rich histories. Open to the public each summer for tours, the museum is with filled with artifacts from members of the community and surrounding region, including the Medical Diploma of the first woman licensed to practice medicine in New Brunswick, Dr. Elizabeth Secord.

As you venture behind the house into the stunning white pine forest, you’ll find twenty sculptures scattered throughout the trails leading to the river. The pieces, which are carved out of dead pine trees, were pulled from Robin Hanson’s “Art in the Park” collection. (Pro Tip: If you are interested in seeing more of his works, be sure to check out the Hanson Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden which is located just outside of Oromocto! The sculpture garden is open to the public every day from day-break to dusk.)

As you continue, the trail will open above the riverbank asyou reach Currie Point Bluff.
Not only does the Bluff provide a magnificent view, it is also a well-known spot to locals as the home to the famous Gaspereau Run each spring!

The Currie House Museum is a perfect spot for a picnic lunch this summer. And if you’re looking to treat yourself on your way home,stop by Riverhaven Red Barn for an ice cream! (Pro tip: known for their homemade baked goods, this local gem was named one of the best places to get ice cream in Atlantic Canada by Atlantic Business Magazine!)

White Rapids Adventure Trail

Just up the road from the Currie House you can dip your toes into the Oromocto River – just like elephants did! Yes, that’s right! In 1912, The Barnum And Bailey Circus train came to Fredericton Junction. They stayed for two days and put on a full circus program. When the “Greatest Show On Earth” was over, the elephants were marched down to the North Oromocto River by Peterson’s Rock where they washed and watered. The elephant statue in Currie Park commemorates the fun memory.

There’s also a special significance in this spot that dates back 100 years before the elephants! The War of 1812 brought 17 gun boats to the river system to protect against invasion from the Americans. As the planned invasion route for the Americans, the Oromocto River was flooded with gun boats powered by 10 to 12 oarsmen ready to move into action whenever needed. A statue of the War of 1812 soldiers sits at Peterson Park to commemorate the memory.

Today the park is well loved by locals as a favorite swimming and fishing hole.

Raggedy Ass Falls

Another 25 minutes south in Wirral, lays Raggedy Ass Falls – a local favorite. From the trailhead, a quick 10-minute walk, featuring a new bridge, takes you to four waterfalls, located in a picturesque gorge. Raggedy Ass Falls features plunge pools at each falls, perfect for a refreshing dip. At the top of the fourth falls is a 24-inch-deep bore hole just large enough to put your arm down. Legend has it that guests drop coins into the hole and come back next year and find all the dates are worn off the coins.

Bald Mountain Adventure Trail

If you continue down the 101 and take a right onto Ogden Rd, after a few minutes you’ll find yourself at the Bald Mountain Adventure Trail head. The trail has three degrees of difficulty fit for a wide array of skill levels. Whether you want to pack your climbing gear and venture up the steep side of the rock face, or opt for the smoother trail route, all paths lead to the same breathtaking view of the landscape below. Don’t forget your binoculars – perhaps you will spot a moose!

This is just a glimpse of the full Oromocto River Watershed adventure network. Check out the links below for more awesome places to explore:

Adventure awaits! Get ready to explore the wilderness, history and stunning views of the Oromocto River Watershed this summer. Book a stay in the area to make the most of your Oromocto Watershed journey, and don’t miss the eclectic dining scene in the Fredericton Capital Region. To learn more about the watershed and to start mapping out your trip, visit