Shivering Songs: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Tribute with Stephen Lewis and Bobby Mahar

  • Jan 18 2024, 7:30 January 18, 2024 - 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Shivering Songs is pleased to present A Tribute to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds featuring Stephen Lewis and Bobby Mahar on Thursday, Jan. 18th, at The Fredericton Playhouse. Proceeds from this performance will be donated towards funding summer camp experiences for vulnerable/at-risk youth and children at Bar None Camp in 2024.

Stephen Lewis and Bobby Mahar first started playing Dave Matthews songs together when they met in high school nearly 20 years ago. Their combined love for the intricacies of the ways both Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds weave intoxicating stories together through lyrics, song, and melody formed an unbreakable musical connection and a lifelong friendship. Through this friendship, they became dedicated to honoring the songs that first brought them together by paying tribute in the truest form of their musical heroes (Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds), while incorporating just the right amount of themselves into each song to make the concert experience truly unique and memorable.

This performance is deeply meaningful for both Stephen and Bobby as they join forces and celebrate their friendship through this exceptional tribute. What sets it apart is its ability to transcend the typical musical performance, offering more than the normal concert experience - by contributing to the creation of joy, adventure, and unforgettable experiences for not only those in attendance but also for at-risk youth and children who otherwise might not have the chance to participate in summer camp in their lifetime.

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