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The Fredericton Capital Region is one of the best places in Canada to live and visit. Stories about Fredericton often mention its beauty. One of Canada’s prettiest cities, the beautiful Wolastoq (Saint John River) is nestled alongside the downtown and along its banks, are miles of walking trails. 

The region has a thriving community of makers and thinkers. There is history and culture everywhere you look, along with a homegrown spirit of curiosity. Amidst -tree-lined streets, Victorian homes and city-wide trail system find parks, National Historic Sites, galleries and museums and a calendar full of music & festivals. 

You’ll find our region and people are enriched with soulful energy that welcomes visitors to share, embrace, and discover where it may lead.

Travel Media Resources

Fredericton Tourism is happy to assist you with your travel media needs. From fact checking, connecting you to interesting people and places in our region to setting up a press visit itinerary. We’re happy to provide access to IMAGES available for download and HD broadcast quality b-roll.

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